Meredith Day 3D Dimensional
Photography & Graphics

Dimensional Art Direction, Photography, Graphics, 3D Conversion and Printing Since 1985
Photographer/Inventor Meredith Day holds multiple utility and design patents including large format 3D Portrait Cameras
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3D Celebrity Photography
Jason Castro - American Idol
Jason Castro
American Idol

Ace Frehley

Cris Reisig - Reisig and Taylor By Meredith Day
Chris Resig
Resig and Taylor

Jaqueline Epcar
Jaqueline Epcar
Didi Benami - American Idol
Didi Benami
American Idol

Mike Dawson - Adam Carolla By Meredith Day
Mike Dawson
Adam Carolla

Franklin anderbilt - Lenny Kravitz Drummer - Ludwig
Franklin Vanderbilt
Lenny Kravitz Drummer

The Cellist By Meredith Day
The Mad Cellist
Hope Easton

Marilyn Monroe - Art by Nina Vox - 3d By Meredith day
Nina Vox
Marilyn Monroe
Mindi Abair
Mindi Abair
And The Boneshakers

James Trussart By Meredith Day
James Trussart
Custom Guitars

The Grabowskis - Jr Nascar
The Grabowskis
Jr. Nascar Drivers

 Steven-Charles Jaffe By Meredith Day
Steven-Chalres Jaffe
Director - Produer