Meredith Day 3D Dimensional
Photography & Graphics
Myrtle Hill Hounds
Spy Kids
Dimensional Art Direction, Photography, Graphics, 3D Conversion and Printing Since 1985
Photographer/Inventor Meredith Day holds multiple utility and design patents including large format 3D Portrait Cameras
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Butters The Flying Dog
Butters The Flying Beagle

Dog Show and Silent Command Training since 1975
Trainers - Robert J Day and Maureen Meredith Day
Denver  Colorado -  720.808.6959
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TV Credits Include:
"General Hospital"
Recurring Roles of Afghan Hounds
Amber and Strider (on Cassidine Yacht etc.)

The Famous Farrah Fawcett Episode - Red Foxx Show

Afghan Hound Strider in Farah Fawcett Wig